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Kent grown asparagus and organic arable in Biddenden

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Frogshole Farm started growing asparagus in 1988, planting a two-acre field and selling the crop from the farm to passing customers. Demand soon outgrew supply and we gradually doubled the acreage, still picking and grading the shoots by hand.

Grading and washing are done in a purpose-built preparation area. 95% of our crop is still sold direct to customers coming from far and wide to buy asparagus reputed to be among the best available.

Asparagus is a perennial plant and once established comes up year on year, emerging when the soil is warm enough in late spring. The start of the season is widely anticipated but hard to predict. Our own guide is the large oak tree next to the shop - when the first small leaves are appearing, there is generally asparagus to cut. Kent asparagus at Frogshole Farm This is normally just before the end of April, though it can vary by a week or two.

Asparagus needs warm, moist weather to grow so mid to late May sees the bulk of the crop emerge. We continue to pick until mid June, after which the spears need to be left to grow to sustain the plant for the following year.

Find out more about asparagus on
the British Asparagus website.

Frogshole Farm's Asparagus is officially Produced in Kent.

See our Recipes page for some mouthwatering ideas. You can also click on the asparagus below to share your favourite recipe with us!

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